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noto. polyfoto
carsten nicolai artproject 1998. german-english. 104p.
id: cat 002 format: book + cd
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raster-noton. oacis
appeared on the occasion of taktlos 2000 bern/switzerland. german-english. 104p.
id: cat 003 format: book + cd
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carsten nicolai. autopilot
4 colour artist-catalog 104 p. german/english + 16 p. zelluloid print + audio cd, noto. autorec
id: cat 004 format: book + cd
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carsten nicolai.anti reflex
exhibition catalog published by schirn kunsthalle frankfurt.
id: cat 005 format: book
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carsten visual spaces
catalogue on the occasion of raster-noton/carsten nicolai exhibition audio visual spaces at s.m.a.k. gallery and vooruit cultural center, gent, belgium in 2005/2006.
id: cat 006 format: book
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noto. endless
when clearing up we discovered copies of the original edition of endless catalogue by carsten nicolai. the book contains an insert print. german-english. 18p.
id: cat 001 format: book
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10,00 EUR

carsten nicolai. fades
fades is a video installation for a specifically designed environment. this book compiles a number of stills from the source movie of fades along with some installation views and the text inside the black box by daniel klemm. the dvd includes the source movie of fades.
id: r-n 084 format: book + dvd
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35,00 EUR